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Our Coach

Jodi Kelley

Certified Equine Gestalt Coach

I have adored horses for as long as I can remember. I became especially “hooked” earning my horse badge as a Girl Scout. In the following years, I would do anything to be around them. The entire atmosphere seemed to call me. My love of horses never wavered; I cannot imagine a life without them.

As an adult, I became aware of the issue horse slaughter. Horses needed someone to help them; they deserved a chance to live. Somebody HAD to do something! I wanted to help, but what could I do? Perhaps I could help at an equine rescue or sanctuary. There were none in our area. Maybe we could help one horse in need. Enter Pilot.

Pilot came to us in horrible condition; he was emaciated and very sick. Most of all, he was depressed and had given up. With a lot of veterinary and holistic care, love, patience, and time, he slowly turned around. He was a very wise old soul who decided to keep moving forward simply because we didn't give up on him and we believed he could be helped to feel better.

I have never known a better teacher than Pilot. We will forever remember the life lessons he taught us. The most important lessons were to go with the flow, have HOPE and never ever give up because love can change everything. Never give up--love changes everything. Sir Pilot is largely responsible for the creation of Rock Run Animal Rescue.

We incorporated Rock Run Animal Rescue, a non-profit 100% volunteer organization, in 2012. Over the years, we saw a need for an equine sanctuary in our area, and have changed course to provide for that need. We continue to do so today.

In 2018, our world was shattered as a result of our daughter's death to suicide. The word devastation does not begin to describe losing Lindsay. I reached out for suicide specific help in our area and found little to nothing available. However, I found an incredible amount of healing and love with Rock Run's herd of horses. No amount of talk therapy (which I did participate with) helped as much as receiving the love and understanding of the horses. If they helped me, they could help others as well.

One day I received an unusual email from Touched By A Horse regarding learning to help others by partnering with a horse. Everything I read resonated with me deeply. I wanted to help others; it would be Lindsay's legacy. I applied to the program and completed my studies in December of 2021.

Kintsugi Equine Gestalt Coaching
Rock Run's program, "Kintsugi Equine Gestalt Coaching," is available to assist people struggling with trauma, direction, depression, grief, and feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. The horses play a role in coaching clients on a 1:1 basis, in a group setting, and through workshops. Horses are natural healers and play an important role in helping people through our program.

People helping horses helping people...everyone wins!

Our Herd


Quarter Horse

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Morgan/Halfinger Cross

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