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Welcome to Kintsugi Equine Gestalt Coaching!

A LEgacy of Healing

“Kintsugi,” is a very meaningful word.  It basically means to repair with gold; the end result being more beautiful and resilient.  People have experienced trauma, and that trauma can leave us feeling shattered.  Kintsugi Equine Gestalt Coaching assists with repairing scars in a holistic, experiential manner.



Gestalt Sessions

Private Session

We believe that you have the answers within to the healing you seek. These answers are often subconscious and are brought into your conscious awareness during your 90-minute individual session. Jodi partners with a horse to raise awareness of somatics (what your body is saying), isolate the “background” that requires healing, and facilitate a personal experience to enable the release of emotional blocks and pain. This release can provide permanent resolution and lasting change in your life.

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Group Session

We offer several group sessions weekly beginning in April. Some are offered in the evening during the week and others on the weekend. Most groups are held outside to include the horse; during bad weather, we meet inside the barn. Our group sessions are empowering. Sharing our vulnerability with others and connecting openly from our heart is a very valuable experience. Connecting with others in a compassionate, confidential, and non-judgmental environment is priceless. Together, our lives are enhanced.

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Throughout the year, we offer day workshops regarding. Most workshops are in person, while others are offered via Zoom.

  • What training do Equine Gestaltist™ practitioners receive?
    We attend an intensive two-year training program virtually and in person. Also, we have worked on our own past traumas so that we understand what it is like to be a client and are better coaches due to our past being addressed.
  • Who can benefit from Equine Gestalt™ sessions?
    Some common reasons people seek out an Equine Gestaltist™ include but are not limited to: improvement of relationships and connection, grief, childhood trauma, life transitions, PTSD, human empowerment, depression, empty nest & retirement adjustment, reinvention of self, assault trauma, new business set-up, & many others.
  • Do I need any horse experience?
    No horse experience necessary! There is no riding; all interaction is from the ground.
  • Is this therapy?
    No, Gestalt does not diagnose. We believe that each of us have our answers inside; it's the coach who helps a client find their own internal answers.
  • Is my session confidential?
    Absolutely! All sessions are completely confidential.
  • Do you work with minors?
    We typically work with adults 18 years and older. However, we occasionally offer group sessions for minors. If you have further questions, please call.
  • I am not a current client, can I still sign up for an event, workshop or group?
    Of course, anyone is welcome to sign up for any event, workshop or group as long as there are available spaces.
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